Project 10,000

The future of Africa will be led by the next generation of entrepreneurs. Driven by the desire to develop an entrepreneurial culture among Africa’s youth, the Lincoln Initiative has set its sights on the target of supporting 10,000 youth projects within the next 10 years. With a bulging youth population, and a diminishing number of jobs, the Project 10,000 aims at inculcating the spirit of initiative that is required for job creation. These experiences will go a long way towards focusing the energies of the youth on entrepreneurial ventures. We encourage you to plug in, and register your project.

One of the key ways that young people use to gain support for their project is showing the impact that their work has had on the community. One of the benefits you will enjoy as a member of the project accelerator is learning how to track your impact. This skill will enable you get partners that will help you grow the size of your project. In addition to that, you will receive guidance on how to use social media to increase the number of people that are aware about the work that you are doing. We believe that the energies of young people are invaluable to development and it is our intention to ensure that you are well supported to make an impact in your community.

Global Problems, Local Solutions

Lincoln Ambassadors stand out as global leaders who are curious in nature. Through the guidance and support you will receive through the project 10,000, you will have the unique opportunity of coming up with local solutions to some of the world’s most pressing challenges. By partnering with friends and organizations within your community, you will be playing your role as a global citizen. Lincoln Ambassadors are change makers, and every change maker is a leader.