Continental Champions

In order to gain access to globally competitive university programs and learning opportunities, young people need to be able to demonstrate globally competitive competencies. The project based approach to leadership development stands tall as the gold standard to building these skills as it allows Lincoln Ambassadors the opportunity to develop 21st century skills such as collaboration, leadership, communication, critical and lateral thinking.

Woven within our approach is a deliberate effort at bringing Lincoln Ambassadors into contact with their communities and giving them an opportunity to play a hands-on role in problem solving. We believe that Lincoln Ambassadors are leaders, and every leader is a change maker. One of the subtle gains that we’ve observed as the Lincoln Ambassadors go about their projects is a growing ability to turn simple ideas into impactful projects. The experiences that young children meet during this process are designed to give them a practical opportunity to practice leadership and contribute towards international development efforts around the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Climate Change Projects

A quiet demeanor should never be confused with timidity or a lack of passion. We have been pleased to see Lincoln Ambassadors in their very formative years play their role through projects focused on climate change. The responsibility to turbo charge efforts at redressing the impact of climate change is one that excites every Lincoln Ambassador. Coupled with Sustainable Development Goal 14 (life below water) and Sustainable Development Goal 15 (Life on Land), the Lincoln Project Accelerator provides Lincoln Ambassadors with a platform to join global efforts around this menacing issue.

Lincoln Global Summit

The Lincoln Global Summit brings together young leaders that are passionate about development. Designed as a launch pad for youth projects, the Lincoln Global Summit plays the double role of recognizing aspiring social entrepreneurs and giving them the support they require to move their ideas from inception to reality. Exploration, it is argued, is the engine that drives innovation. Through conversations developed at the Lincoln Global Summit, and the melting pot of ideas, Lincoln Ambassadors emerge with a greater appreciation of how young people can contribute to global issues through their projects.